• Professional Over 40s Fitness Specialist

    Over 40s Live Fitness Classes
    in Denbishshire, North Wales

  • Professional Over 40s Fitness Specialist

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    home more your thing?

Who is Zoe from Chic Fitness

I'm Zoe Bishop and almost at the fabulous age of 40. I can't help but LOVE teaching over 40's and helping them on their journey to look and feel great! We are an over 40's fitness specialist based in Denbighshire, North Wales and we really hope you can join us!
Below, this is me, Zoe.
zoe bishop chic fitness
.... and who is this?
zoe bishop pole fitness
Yes, that's me too.. this is when I used to teach pole fitness, seeing the world from a different dimention. In fact, thats how Chic Fitness began; Pole fitness in 2009, Zumba in 2010, Nutrition in 2011, Zumba Gold (over 50's) in 2013, Personal Training, Pre and post natal and Pilates... the list goes on. I don't currently teach aerial arts, however we have plenty of other fun classes to keep you busy throughout the week! Take a look...

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Why People Choose Us

Over 40s Specialist

Our courses and classes are designed with age in mind.

Many Years Experience

Very experienced, teaching since 2009.

Professional & Qualified

Fully qualified in fitness & nutrition.